Friday, February 9, 2007

You: Intrepid Explorer

Originally posted: April 18, 2006

So, I was just having a normal day... you know, going about my business, google-ing "Lewis and Clark" when I found this truly jazz-worth gem. Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark It's a game! That you can play! On National Geographic Kids! ...Okay. Maybe "game" oversells it. But it lets you enter your name, and then addresses you as Private ____. Then it gives you a scenario and lets you pick which option you think is best for the crew. For example, if you're beginning the journey, do you take enough food for the whole journey or a lot of paper? Answer: a lot of paper. You couldn't carry all that food, silly! There are all these cool "Did You Know?" buttons that pop up while you play the game. One that particularly jazzed me up: Huge herds of buffalo mean plenty of food and furs for the wintering expedition. One favorite Plains Indian hunting technique involves chasing them off the top of a cliff and collecting their carcasses at the bottom. Enjoy, folks. Oh, and... you're welcome.


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