Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Name that Cub!

So, naturally I'm always jazzed when a new panda cub is born. Duh. Fewer things are jazzier. As you may know, in accordance with Chinese tradition, zoos wait 100 days to name the newborn totawy cwoooote baywby pandas. And now wants you to be able to possibly play a part in panda-mania. For a limited time, they've set up"Name That Panda". You can submit your choice for the panda cub name, and CNN will pass it along to the Atlanta Zoo. Are your veins pumping, filled with the fire of the feeling of power? How often could you play a part in naming one of the cutest baby animals in existence? Regardless of potential name, I'd like to offer my congratulations to new mom Lun Lun.

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