Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Seeeeriously Pepsi Jazzed

Okay. So, seriously? Seriously, you guys. Pepsi is not usually my thing. I'm pretty into Coke, across the board. BUT. Pepsi has captured, apparently to a T, the spirit of seriouslyjazzed in one compact recyclable vessel. PEPSI JAZZ. In flavors DIET STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM AND DIET BLACK CHERRY FRENCH VANILLA. Over-the-top, self-important, sickeningly sweet. Yup, that about sums us up! Here's what had to say about getting jazzed:

"Pepsi is challenging consumers to think differently about indulgence with the introduction of Jazz, a new line of zero-calorie colas available in rich flavors."

Did you hear that? They called us indulgent, and rich! Seriouslyjazzed has gone global. And the best part? NO CALORIES. Which means you can get Jazzed just about as much as you want.


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