Friday, February 9, 2007

Woman Can't Put Down The DaVinci Code

Originally posted: April 19. 2006

Overheard in L.A. locker room:

Woman #1: Don't tell me what happens, seriously, I just started it.

Woman #2: Oh my gosh.

Woman #1: But I seriously LOVE it. I've only finished the first...I've only gotten up to Chapter 2.

Woman #2: Well I know I picked it up on my way back from Italy, when I went to Europe. I got it in London and I started reading it on the plane and I couldn't even sleep the whole way, I was just reading it.

Woman #1: Oh my gosh. I can't wait to read it. When does the movie come out?

Woman #2: In May I think.

Woman #1: Oh, I hope I'm done with it by then!

Look for the DaVinci Code Book Review by guest bloggers Woman #1 and #2. So you know what to expect when you finally get around to reading it.


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