Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This Is Why I Like the Internet

Check it out: I got some good news today. No, great--great news. I found out that we, SeriouslyJazzedtheblog, have been linked to on someone's press links for a post we did a few months ago!
You may remember the June 20, 2006 post: "Upon First Meeting." It highlighted a unique photography talent that we found especially unique and talented, Jeff Barnett-Winsby. Well sometime after that Jeff must have gotten word all the way over in New York City that we were all the way out here in California blogging about him, because he posted our post in the News section on his website! (On the left, click on "Blog Feature." That's us!!)
So now Jeff, thanks to you, I am posting a post about your post about our post about you. That's just how the internet is! It's like infinity! I get the impression that things like this happen all the time out there in cyberspace, but I have to say: as it's happening to me for the first time, it feels pretty good.
What happens next? Your move, chancellor.
Footnote: The image above is a diagram of the first internets. It was made in 1969 by some fellows at UCLA (cool school)! Find out more courtesy the Museum of Computer History.

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