Friday, February 9, 2007


Originally posted: April 27, 2006

What do new White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and it-boy Kevin Federline have in common? When they're not working hard at their day jobs, they both make unoriginal music. How fun! Turns out Tony's been strumming slippery prose into a microphone for many years now with a cover band, Beats Workin'--a group of heart pumpin', boot-stompin', head-knockin' rockers touring the Virginia/DC area and delighting listeners with their takes on rock'n'roll classics. The band's extensive song list covers a huge variety of beloved hits from the 60s and 70s era, their coverage talent spanning the likes of Jimi Hendrix to Cat Stevens.

Among the band's seven members, their website details, are four lawyers, a realtor, a business exec and Tony Snow, by far the band's most accomplished member. What I mean is, the most accomplished musician--Tony's impressive cache of instrumental stylings includes guitar, saxophone, and flute. Unfortunately, it appears this rock virtuoso's stage time has diminished of late--the band's home page lists their most recent gig as a Sept. 11, 2004 concert in Bethesda. What the eff, Tony? Why you holding out on us? How can you fulfill the band's promise of "Playin' the Music you grew up with...and More!!" while you're out spinnin' tracks at the White House? No offense, Tony, but after looking at your hard rockin' specs...I'd consider quittin' your day job. I don't know if a cover band can get you a record deal, but gosh darn it Beats Workin'.


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