Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Haley Joel is magic!

We've learned that Haley Joel Osment was in a car accident yesterday (not jazzed about that--we hope he's okay). But I think the media frenzy, as usual, is ignoring the real news story here: Haley Joel Osment is old enough to drive?!? Wait...Haley Joel Osment is bending time and space continui to age at an uncontrollable, accelerated rate!! Here is a picture of Haley Joel taken right before the accident, on the right...and on the left is a photo taken of him 2 days earlier. Literally, yesterday, he was 11 years old and cute as a button.
What other powers might he possess? If he's able to speed up time progression, he might be able to bend sound, or throw sunlight, or find a viable energy replacement for oil. Maybe he IS energy. Or sunlight.
Bottom line: Haley Joel Osment is 18. Since I remember his ultrasound pin-ups from my Bop/BB days, this means: I am suddenly OLD.

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