Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jessie Asks: Hillary Clinton!

Support for Hillary Clinton has been waning in recent weeks and it seems the media has almost completely jumped her ship. But I was willing to sit down with Senator Clinton in an effort to balance out the terrible press she's been getting from the mainstream media. I mean - did you see that 60 Minutes interview with Katie Couric? Prime example of why they shouldn't let women anchor.

But Hill is still in the race, and lucky for me she had time for lattes and girltalk about what it's like being the nation's most influential (female) politician. Be warned: this is serious news. You might hear some shocking confessions and - gasp - even an anatomical slip or two!

And please look forward to upcoming installments of my new news series, "Jessie Asks!" I'm booking guests now if you're interested in an interview.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scary things you should never do in a theater

Okay, this news story is actually scary.  But also too crazy and ironic to not post about.  Which somehow makes it less scary.  Or maybe more scary.  I can't decide!

A man is still at large in Fullerton, CA (not far from my safe little borough, Los Angeles!) after he stabbed two people in a theater during the movie "The Signal."  The suspect stabbed one moviegoer, then moved toward the exit of the theater where he stabbed another person before fleeing.  Both of the victims are in stable condition, which is good, but - check this out:

"The Signal" is a slasher/horror movie about a mysterious electronic signal that urges people to kill when they hear it.  The stabbings occurred during a scene in the movie where someone who heard the signal was compelled to stab people.  Watch the trailer here.

What??  So, either the stabber was pulling a sick, psychotic performance art piece, POPfilms is testing out a new ad campaign (on the people already watching the movie), or, or...


No way.  That's not even funny.  But seriously - just in case - I'm not seeing that movie.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dorm Life - Episodes 4 and 5

These are two of my very favorite episodes. (But you say that about all your children!) No, but seriously - these are great. You should watch them. And then you should go back and watch episodes 1-3 on, or on VEOH (Our site has been doing very well, by the way! I can't tell you how well, because it might be an issue of national security. But let's just say the Ruskys are itching to get their hands on it for its uranium enrichment capabilities).

Episode 104 - floor government election. This is a big episode for a certain gregarious anachronistic social planner who covets the Presidential nomination (a character played by someone very close to me - can you guess who it is?!) This episode also contains the most historical references in the series. Dorks!!

Dorm Life Episode 104: Campaign - Watch a funny movie here

Episode 105 is the Pranks episode. Who didn't pull elaborate, costly pranks on their dorm floormates? Even the most skeptical of you out there are going to see one particular special effect and think, "Awesome."

Dorm Life Episode 105: Pranks - For more funny videos, click here

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So you consider yourself a friend of the Earth. But maybe you and Earth have been drifting apart lately, after all, it's so hard to maintain correspondence when you both have such busy schedules. She canceled on your brunch two weeks ago, and then a meeting came up when you were supposed to meet for drinks. You're afraid your friendship is doomed. Not so - because now you can be friends with the Earth on Myspace!

I know what you're thinking - where has She been, right?! Living on another planet? Ha, ha. But maybe she didn't think she really needed a Myspace page, being the Earth and all, since all of us are already on her all the time. And then she realized, you know what, it is a good way to post events and keep people updated about her comedy shows and share cool internet videos, etc, so now she's entered the social networking community and ready to be your friend.
Wait...wait a second. It says here the Earth is male, 45 years old and lives in Ontario, Canada. How can this be? Is this an imposter Earth? Is this going to turn out like the time I thought I was communicating with the late Marlene Dietrich via Friendster? I don't like to be lied to, Myspace. I don't like it at all. Hopefully Earth is just undercover and trying to keep skeezy men from hitting on her. She is, after all, a MILF.

Incidentally, you can also be friends with Moon, Sun, and most of the planets in our solar system on Myspace. Yay for universal* connectivity!

*Literally, within the universe!

Monday, February 4, 2008

"Dorm Life" Premieres Today! The Return of Good TV.

Is that awesome enough for you? It better be. For those of you who have been living on a Distant Planet and somehow haven't heard that my webisode series, Dorm Life, is premiering today, you can still redeem yourselves. Most of you know this though, because you have been counting down using your Dorm Life advent calendars (how delicious are the chocolates?!)

The first four episodes of the series are now live on the website,, and will be featured on other sites this week as well. They are the first 4 of this 20-episode series that is a hilarious, absurdist, irresistibly charming look at the characters and experiences that take place on a college dorm floor. Seriously, check it out. It's shot beautifully on HD and is edited to perfection. And the episodes just get better and better as the season wears on. Be sure to leave your email under "Dorm Life Updates" in the top right corner so you get messaged when new episodes are put up - one a week after this. You know you won't remember, so just put your email down. It's not spam. It's me, your best friend, and the project that took 3 years off her life and gave her her first gray hair (not really). But it really is an awesome series. I hope you'll take a look.