Friday, February 9, 2007

Jazzercise: Let Loose!

Originally posted: June 23, 2006

Hey, Jazzerciser. Where did you come from, where did you go? The answer, I'm afraid, is nowhere: Jazzercise is still very much alive, and it's stepping into high gear! At, loyal jazzerfans can become instructor certified, download jazzer-jams* and even browse the online jazzerstore.

For those who were not active participants of the aerobics movement in Miami in the early 90's, Jazzercise is a trademarked workout routine that combines the elements of jazz dance, pilates, yoga, kickboxing. To further illustrate the phenomenon, if we dissect the name "Jazzercise" we can isolate the root words "jazz" and "exercise," so we know where the intense energy comes from!

The invention of the internet has facilitated communication between jazzercisers, allowing for Jazzercise' virtually seamless transition into the 21st century. Today, jazzers can access Jazz-E-News updates and step-by-step instructions for the home Jazzerciser. (Click Here for a breakdown of such favorite moves as the "Attitude Lift," the "Grapevine," and, of course, the "Jazz Square!")

*See the current playlist used in real Jazzercise classrooms across the nation. And don't even think they'd leave off You're Beautiful by James Blunt!

Hey--when you Jazzercise, "It shows." (TM)


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