Friday, February 9, 2007

Van Damme is the New Norris/Bauer/Hasselhoff?

Originally posted: May 19, 2006

Once again, Seriously Jazzed is here first with the latest trendspotting report. If you're still getting your trend alerts from the other guy, you're already behind. But hurry! There's hope!
Jean Claude Van Damme (born Jean-Claude Camille Fran├žois Van Varenberg) is the next big wave in email forward trends. Be the first (or second) in your peer group to catch on! Dancing 'Damme is fun but let's get serious about this folks. Doesn't this action hero-sexpot deserve the same reverence we've bestowed other B-list celebrities?

Consider this:
Jean Claude Van Damme doesn't have friends. He has a great butt.
What's the opposite of Jean Claude Van Damme's butt? The least sexy thing in the world.
What's the least sexy thing in the world? Not looking at Jean Claude Van Damme's butt.
If Jean Claude Van Damme's butt and Chuck Norris went camping, who would pitch a tent? Not Jean Claude Van Damme's butt. (wink).



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