Friday, February 9, 2007

Originally posted: April 26, 2006

Did you guys hear? Irony is out. New Sincerity is in! Maybe I'm the last person to hear about this, but when I did, I got seriously jazzed. Sincerely jazzed, perhaps. Apparently, New Sincerity is a post post-modernism movement. According to Wikipedia's entry on New Sincerity, its roots can be traced to the 9/11 attacks and "the ensuing national outpouring of emotion, both of which seemed to run against the generally ironic grain of postmodernism." New Sincerity is about taking sincere joy in life. Those who follow the New Sincerity movement appreciate things like Dolly Parton, 80s movies, outdated action figures and toys, etc., well, sincerely, as opposed to ironically. In my brief research it seems that new sincerity is just about pure, unadulterated joy... which, as a co-founder of Seriously Jazzed, I can get behind. Especially because Jessie and I have fielded some questions about whether Seriously Jazzed is ironic appreciation of things we post about or not. The answer is: we are genuinely jazzed about this stuff. Seriously jazzed!

So I suppose Seriously Jazzed is a child of the New Sincerity movement without even knowing it. Awesome!

Oh, I couldn't find a picture of "New Sincerity" so I found a child's drawing of a bird. Which I sincerely appreciate.


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