Monday, June 16, 2008

Good Idea # 415: Play on this Website

A Good Idea shoutout is in order!

This is very girly - and as we all know, that's the worst thing a person can be - but I also found this very fun. If you're a girl, you'll like this site a lot.

The company is Studio 28 Couture, and the site lets you design your own party dress in 4 easy steps. It's genius for instant gratifiers like myself, because you can visualize the choices you make on your dress instantly. You choose from different styles and fabrics, mix and match until your boss walks by.

The dresses cost about $200 if you actually want to get one made, and they are all handmade from 100% cotton fabric. I probably won't be getting one soon (I have an allover-print phobia), but I will definitely keep playing on their site! I also see vast potential for bridesmaid dresses - give the wedding party a few colors and fabrics to choose from, bride doesn't look crazy, bridesmaids get a dress they might actually like. Done.

Unicorn Dreamscape

A- ha! What's that you say, teachers, parents, scientists? Unicorns don't exist? Or perhaps you've just been brainwashed into becoming pawns for a military-industrial conspiracy to squash the hopes and dreams of children so they can't change the world?

Unicorns do exist, and this is proof. My entire childhood, vindicated! I was the original unicorn queen. I had unicorn everything. I owned every piece of tacky fluorescent unicorn art in existence, plus figurines, flatware, bedding, 365-day calendars. I wasn't one of these uni-come-latelys getting all ironically interested in unicorns because they're on a shirt at Urban Outfitters that says "I'm uni-horny" or some crap like that. I truly loved and admired the unicorn, from its powerful, supple hindquarters, to its ruthlessly sharp golden horn. The unicorn stood for everything that was beautiful in the world and everything I myself wanted to grow up to be.

Admittedly, this real-life unicorn is somewhat less glamorous than the one that danced through my dreamscape. It was born in a nature preserve in Italy to what we call "norm parents" (regular old Roe deer) but with a special spectacular horn and magical healing powers. It is aptly named "Unicorn" (just further proof that adults have lost their capacity for wonder).

But what the existence of this unicorn tells me is a) where there is one, there have to be clouds full of others, living in castles and traveling via rainbow - that's just logical. And b) when you dare to dream, anything in the world is possible. What a delightful, inspiring message! And that shit is free, yo.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is it Time for a Baby?

Is there an emptiness in your life that can't be filled with chocolate? Are you so emotionally unstable you worry that no one will love you? This new PSA offers a wonderful solution to your problems...and the best part is, almost anyone can do it.

The first delicious treat from my new sketch group, Sensible Snack!