Friday, February 9, 2007

When Bad is So, Good

Originally posted: June 6, 2006

Is anyone else so jazzed about the new Winterfresh Gum commercial animated and narrated by Strong Bad?! When did corporate gum become an agent of The People?

We can all agree that Strong Bad is the embodiment of the American dream -- from his modest immigrant beginnings, to his dramatic rise to greatness as a cartoon internet video star, to his intense prejudices toward other immigrants. He's been on the internet, doing his thing for years--without bowing to pressures from critics or naysayers. And now that steadfastness is paying off with a huge multi-million dollar deal from Winterfresh.

It almost makes me think, could I be the next Strong Bad? What will be my Teen Girl Squad? How does this sound: "The Twenty-Something Girl Squad." Four compelling female protagonists, all in their twenties: Soulless Joyless Cubicle Droid, I Have a Serious Boyfriend So My Life Is Stable, Nobody Understands Me Not Even Me, and Where Is This Going. I gotta go, inspiration rarely breeds action, or something.

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