Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's Better Than a Regular Team-Building Event? (See Below)

A themed team building event! Like the one whose logo is picture above... Team Genius! It's a mind puzzle extravaganza!!! Next time your office wants to have a team building day, why keep it simple with trust falls? Why not contact Professional Teambuilding and look into a team building day that everyone can enjoy... perhaps a day that piques your team's interest! Like...

Team Firefighter! Your team will have an unforgettable day as it trains for firefighter themed challenges!

But don't stop there!

Go back in time with Team Titanic! How would you and your coworkers cope if you were on the sinking ship?

Or Team DaVinci! Become masters of the code with your team mates!
Or keep things hip and fresh--create memorable music videos with your teammates in Team Idol!

Who said corporate has to be boring?! Not these guys!

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