Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Warning: Pandas and Beer Do Not Mix



Today I got an email from my main squeeze. It was a link and the sentence "This so could have been you!" I opened it, and it was a news article. The headline? Drunk Fights Panda and Loses. What? I love pandas! I would never fight one! And I would never be a belligerent drunk, out trying to pick fights. I'd be a cuddly, loving drunk. And that's where my guy was right. Upon reading the article, I learned that... well... read it for yourself:
"Zhang Xinyan had drunk four jugs of beer before staggering to Beijing Zoo and stopping off at the pen holding a sleeping 6-year-old male panda, Gu Gu.
Then, overtaken by an urge to hug the cuddly-looking creature, he jumped over a waist-high railing down into the enclosure.
Startled, the panda bit him the right leg."
And a man/panda brawl proceeded.
Xinyan kicked back, Gu Gu bit back, Xinyan bit Gu Gu's back. Zookeepers were alerted and broke up the rowdy pair. Gu Gu is healthy and unharmed.
When pressed for his motivation, Xinyan said "I just wanted to touch it."
Note to self: Do not go to the zoo after drinking. ...Because all I'll want to do is snuggle with all the animals.

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