Friday, February 9, 2007

Drop Everything.

Originally posted: April 18, 2006

OK. Who wouldn't be jazzed about the arrival of the world's most genetically perfect human being? (Okay, not counting Jesus). Well allegedly...Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed a daughter this afternoon into their (allegedly) happy home. She weighs an alleged 7 pounds 7 ounces and the proud parents have chosen to name her Suri (the Jewish word for "princess"--allegedly). Actually, I think that really is what it means.

Anyway, in celebration of this joyous news everyone may leave work effective immediately. We are adding a star to the American flag to honor the new twinkle in Tom Cruise's eye and will everybody please join us by the maypole for Jaeger bombs and crumb cake.

P.S. I'll believe this baby when I see it. I stand by my conspiracy theory. (I'll share when the political climate is safer).


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