Friday, February 9, 2007

Best. Sandcastle. Ever.

Originally posted: June 13, 2006

Germans are weird, right? Spotty history aside, I feel like Germans have a reputation for being kind of weird. They're the ones with the reputation among Europeans for wearing white sneakers and cheesey shorts when on vacation. Or being socially awkward and way too preoccupied with punctuality. But let's cut them some slack, because Berlin hosts an anual SANDCASTLE BUILDING FESTIVAL. Sandstation. I am seriously jazzed and seriously impressed. In my sandcastle building days, putting a moat around the sandcastle was big time. I didn't even think to do a replica of the World Cup.

Or of a creepy monster thing!

Or of a babe driving a convertible down a windy road!

Hats off to those Germans! They could teach us Californians a thing or two about how to party at the beach!


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