Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Country Music: Not Lost!

So, folks. You may have heard the sad news a couple of weeks ago. KZLA, Los Angeles's ONLY country music station went under, suddenly, without warning. This move left Los Angeles in the company of New York and San Francisco--major cities with no country stations. SAD. I had come to rely on KZLA for peppy pick-me-ups and... and... um, okay, I admit it: it was all I listened to.

But then, scanning stations, I found KFRG--The Frog. A country station based out of San Bernandino. Sure, the reception isn't great. Actually, it's pretty bad. But I don't care! It's JUST LIKE KZLA with one exception: it plays Marc Cohn's "Walking in Memphis" a LOT. Which is A-OK by me. Whenever I hear this song, I passionately sing along to the entire thing, fully jazzing myself up. My favorite part is when it goes: "She said "Tell me are you a Christian, child," and I said "Man, I am tonight!""

Man, oh man... I am tonight!


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