Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trendspot: Internet Dating

I'm not talking about meeting people on the internet. Pssh! That's yesterday's hat. New thing: meeting people on the internet, then meeting them in person, but still only talking to them via online channels. It's called Blove (Weblove). And happy couples all over the world are offering stories on blogger iMomus' website of dates spent in a coffee shop messaging one another side by side. Others still report extended blogging courtships where the couple communicated their love only through their blog posts.

Great news for people with embarrassing speaking voices or eye contact phobias! Besides, how many of us are better on paper than we are in person? (Yeah, obviously me). Say you pique someone's interest with your quick-witted blog posts and sly emoticons, enough so that they actually want to meet you in person. Inevitably Real You is going to be a huge disappointment after they've already met the best You, Web You. So why let your more attractive twin ruin your chances with what is rightfully yours?!

For the hopeless romantic: more Blove stories.
Even celebrities are doing it!

P.S. Spencer-spence, if you're out there somewhere...this was for you. It's all for you. (You know who you are).


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