Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Water Skis

Okay, and now...I've officially seen it all. I'm out. This baby is water skiing. With one hand. Life will never be good again after this. What man could compete?

This 22-month-old BABY has been water skiing daily around a Wisconsin Lake. It's in the Associated Press. And you expect me to be able to go back to work after seeing this? You expect me to hang out Friday night? And listen to your bullshit? This baby is WATER SKIING.

But yeah, sure, tell me about how you stuck it to him in that email. Fuck you. WATER SKIS.
Just shut up. I don't care. I honestly, truly could not care less about you at this point. There is a water skiing baby in Wisconsin who can water ski without falling, ever. Which is good, because

I don't know if you've heard, but BABIES CAN'T SWIM. This one, however, skis on water.
Have fun with your shitty life.


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