Friday, February 9, 2007

So Long, Anne Geddes

Originally posted: May 9, 2006

The days of cute human babies dressed as caterpillars and radishes perched in picnic baskets are over. The current trend in new wave art: Dead Babies. They made for good jokes in 2003. Now they're back, and they're sweeping the nation.

The baby suit above, tailored for the most extreme dead baby fanatic, is being sold through Gild contemporary art curators for a mere $2300 apiece. (Get Famous Quick Tip #32: wear dead baby suit to major awards show. Headline People Magazine's Worst Dressed in 2006 issue where you tie for first place. Courtney Love asks to borrow your suit. You have lunch).
Trend prediction: we'll be seeing dead babies everywhere within 6 months. Lunchboxes, cardigans, delicate gold-plated necklaces. Dead Babies are the new Skull-and-Crossbones.
The truth, though, is that Dead Baby Art is not so recent a phenomenon as one might think. In 2002, dead babies were incorporated into a controversial performance art piece that aired on a London cable network: Not for the faint hearted. One thing is certain, however. Trendy moms aren't hoping for a 365-day Anne Geddes baby calendar this Mother's Day. You know what to get them. (Hurry...there are only 6 suits left!)


Note: The babies used to make the above suit are not dead, they're actually plastic.

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