Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To Do: Danish Clowns

SeriouslyJazzed's weekend guide is here! Book tickets early for the International Festival of Clowns, taking place in Copenhagen this weekend and next. This tenth anniversary show proves to be an explosive crowd pleaser, with returning favorites such as Okidok2 from Belgium (nominated for the "World Artist and Clown Award," 2006) and newcomers like the Jashgawronsky Brothers (fresh off their tour in Armenia!)
Whatever your taste in clowns, whether clowns that balance things, or clowns that wear funny hats, this annual engagement is a treat not to be missed.
Oh, and for anyone who's saying "I can't go, I'm afraid of clowns," you're a fucking liar. Clown fear is something kids make up to feel special and then insist on carrying with them into adulthood. The only clowns you should be afraid of are the ones that are actually dwarves dressed as clown dolls that hide in your room waiting to kill you when the babysitter is there.

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