Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

Who stole the baking goods from the Madison, Wisconsin bakery? Now I love cookies as much (probably more than) the average Joe. But I have principles! The Madison police force has arrested the 53-year-old man responsible for stealing oil, flour, eggs, and sugar, transporting the goods in Stella's Bakery's delivery truck, and re-selling the goods to other area bakeries.
What a naughty boy!
Now come on! No one's trying to be a party pooper here. Of course you can have a cookie.
When? After you've eaten your dinner. Including your vegetables.
But to break into the bakery after hours, steal ingredients and subsequently sell them? That's just disrespectful. There's a reason why I monitor how much sugar you can have.
Because you get out of control if you have too much. And then stay up all night getting into all kinds of mischief.
And then I have to come to jail and bail you out!
You certainly are an incorrigible boy!
Well when you can prove to me that you can make a living in accordance with state and federal law, then you can decide how much sugar you can handle. Does that sound fair?

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