Thursday, October 25, 2007

This is a (Left-Brained) Cry for Help

Have you seen this? This is insane. Have you seen it yet?

It's been circulating this week but if you haven't played with it yet - I'm not entirely sure I'm comfortable being responsible for your addiction. I can't tear myself away and I hate the loss of control. There is something very diabolical about this "Right brain vs. left brain" test you can find here. I don't trust it, and at the same time - I don't trust myself. I need answers. I need a hero. What is happening to my body?

Supposedly it works thus: if you see the dancer spinning clock-wise, you are right-brain inclined. If you see her turning counter-clockwise, you're a left-brainer. When I first looked I saw it going counter-clockwise, beyond the shadow of a doubt. It seemed unconscionable that anyone could see it otherwise. But my cubemate saw it going the other way. This drove a wedge between us for many hours yesterday and only this morning did we start relating to each other again.

THEN I asked some other people who had seen the dancer going BOTH ways. Legend had it that she could suddenly switch directions mid-spin when your brain changed its focus.! So I kept staring again, for another few hours, and I SAW IT - she changed direction mid-spin! She would then turn clockwise for a few spins, and then turn back again - and I'd have to sit and wait a few hours more for it to happen again.

I am seriously concerned about what this "Test" really is and why I am so obsessed with it. Is it a form of psychological terrorist warfare? Is the Matrix reaching out to select a few chosen drones to enlighten? Is it all a trick, a conspiracy, the Grassy Knoll, Building 7? I'm falling for it. I'm falling in love. I'm scared, and I'm cold. I feel old. But at least I'm feeling.


Jessie said...

And here is a really interesting article on this from Steven Levitt ("Freakonomics" author) !

Kim said...

So, through my obsessively right brained eyes, she only goes clockwise. Only. Absolutely. With Conviction.

However, a week or two ago, my cubemate and I stared at her together: he saw her switching directions all over the place. Another friend said she could make her switch at will.

I must be fiercely right brained or something.

Erika said...

at first i thought i saw it clockwise , but that's only because i forgot that spinning to the right is actual counter clockwise. not only do i feel left brained, but stupid.