Thursday, October 11, 2007

Score One for Equality, Not!

Woopsies! A typo was found in an Arkansas state law that essentially legalizes marriage among two people of any age - including babies (No word yet on whether fetuses are considered people and at what stage). The law, in effect since July 31st, was intended to raise the minimum marriage age in Arkansas to 18, but a randomly placed "not" in the language of the law enacted the opposite - allowing anyone of any age to marry with parental consent. Woopsies!

But come on - let's cut Arkansas lawmakers a break. This is not something that spellcheck would not have not caught - right? Did you expect them to proofread the whole entire law? So how can they not be blamed for this. Woops, I mean "not not blamed."

Or was this a serendipitous intervention from a highly enlightened being? Perhaps it's just the beginning of a state coup sponsored by the motivated and well-funded progressive baby marriage lobby. Or maybe it's a choreographed performance art piece making a profound social statement! To show that every person* who wants to marry has the legal ability to enter the most sacred of unions, regardless of age! (*note: homosexuals not included). Congratulations, Arkansas, for stepping up to fill the void in the progressive movement that California lazily and drug-inducedly left open. Not.* (*note: this word negates all preceding commentary).

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