Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The New Price is Right: Younger, Fatter, More Boring

Drew Carey's premiere as the new host of The Price is Right aired Monday and if you thought he'd at least be more entertaining than a corpse, well..."no deal!" (what?) Drew did seem nervous, as anyone would be - though I can't imagine the crowd at the Price is Right being too discriminating. But complacent millionaire Drew had no jokes (except for one bit that he did twice in the same show: "Did you drive here?" "No." "Well maybe you can drive home." Announcer: In a new car!!!!) In a transcription all of Drew's statements would end in periods. "Congratulations." "You just won $10,000." "I can't feel my feet." I found myself daydreaming that the announcer would take over and just run the show from the booth. "I can't feel my feet!!!!"

And is Drew so boring that they had to rig every game to make the show exciting? Every single contestant on the premiere show, 6 straight magical genius price guessers, won their game! Two people even won an extra $1000 on the wheel. I don't know how they actually pulled this off - were there elves in the wheel structure stopping it on the $1.00? Multiple takes? The more I think about it the more impressed I am by the whole charade. Impressed, but not manipulated! I mean, who wants to watch or attend a game show where everyone wins? Not this cookie. Sorry - I shouldn't have brought up cookies without having some available. I won't do it again. Forgive me?

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