Thursday, October 18, 2007

Implanting Change - for the Breast of Us!

As an act of civil disobedience, I'm writing this post in my pajamas wearing NO makeup. What a statement! I am a feminista revolutionary!

I read this article about a website charity where women can solicit donations for their desired breast implants. Developed by two intrepid men, it's an online community where men can see pictures of the needy women and send them emails for a $1.25 fee ($1.00 goes to the woman's breast fund, $0.25 to the site's founders for being geniuses). The philanthropists can then track the woman's progress as she grows from underdeveloped A-cup nation into military-industrial Double-D powerhouse!

An interesting thing is that this all got started with a "joke" - two guys hanging out in a Hooters, joking about how to change the world! And now it's grown into a thriving vehicle for happiness and social change. Okay, okay, I know you want to see the site. Here it is. Go check it out, I'll wait. Come back when you're done, I have more to say.

Bottom line, these ladies are smart. Do I want things? Yes. Do I want otherpeople to pay for them? Yes. Specifically, I want things that are going to make me feel good about myself. Like these boots:
So I've come up with a way to have them. I'm turning this blog into a charity where men with foot fetishes can come and look at pictures of my feet such as this one:

I told you - no nudity! But they can look to their heart's content and send me money in exchange for more sexy pictures like the one above. So, send me money - and my feet will thank you! I accept Paypal. And as soon as I raise enough money for my boots, I'll find another pair of shoes that I want. Because I'll never be satisfied with just the boots, will I? The "boots"...! Am I making an"analogy" for a similar situation perhaps?!

Don't get me wrong - this is great. For everyone involved. Butwhat's troubling to me, as an average girl, with small to average boobs, is that women getting boob jobs are setting a new beauty standard for men that will become necessary and expected. Like bears or sharks after they've acquired a taste for human blood, these men will have to continue getting boob job'd women, or else they'll have to be put down.

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Kim said...

I love your sexy sock picture. And Jessie, you totally don't need new boots. You're beautiful just the way you are.