Monday, October 29, 2007

Talk to Your Kids About Sex, and Don't Leave Out the Good Stuff

People are talking about "Talk to Me," a national PSA urging parents to "speak up" about the virtues of abstaining until marriage. (The PSA is put out by, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, and can be viewed HERE). People are talking about the discomfort of watching child actors hired by an Abstinence-Only contingent turn their dewy eyes to the camera and say things like "Tell me what you want from me." Notwithstanding the creepy undertones, this PSA has set us back another ten years from instituting practical sex education that actually prepares and protects kids. Luckily the Voice of Reason has a DV cam and a cache of talented kids at their disposal to make this hilarious parody. It's the brainchild (and lovechild) of some very smart and funny friends of mine. And it's on the front page of right now!

And to toot my own horn, please check out my (very similar) blog entry on the Huffington Post here.

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Kim said...

This is great! Especially after watching the real one...which might as well be a parody itself.