Monday, April 23, 2007

Zach Braff will NOT be doing the thing some people thought he was going to do

Big news, straight from Hollywood blogs:

Zach Braff will NOT be playing the role of "Fletch" in the "Fletch" remake a few people have been talking about. Some people had talked about who would play the role of "Fletch" and those people expected that, naturally, Zach Braff would, for obvious reasons. But I am here reporting today that he will NOT, I repeat, NOT be playing the role of "Fletch." Many of the people who were previously talking about this are now disappointed.

It's disappointing, but mostly in the way it's always disappointing to hear that someone is not doing something. That's bad news, because it's negative, right? So I guess now we start talking about who else might be capable of playing the role of "Fletch?" And I will let you know when it is decided that any of those people will not be playing that role.

I will bet money that the next person to not be playing it will be Shia LeBouf - he is all over the place these days!

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