Monday, April 9, 2007

Who's your Baghdad?

Hey--Happy Anniversary, Baghdad! It's the 4th anniversary of your fall. How do you want to celebrate? A romantic candelit dinner, oysters dipped in a dark chocolate fountain? A drive out to the Cape? Or maybe you just want to stay in tonight? Good, because there's a curfew that lasts from 5 a.m. today to 5 a.m. tomorrow.

The curfew includes a ban on the use of vehicles in the city (except security force vehicles). With any anniversary inevitably come protests from disgruntled partners (just ask my ex-husband!) so it makes sense that they're trying to crack down on grumblings and car bombings.

Get out the KY because we've got 24 hours to kill!

Footnote: today's not THAT special in Baghdad because there's actually a curfew every night from 10 pm to 5 am. It was just shortened last week by 2 hours due to lots of good behavior!

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