Monday, April 2, 2007

How We Gonna Pay Lent?

This year's Lent, next year's Lent? Lent, Lent, Lent, Le-ent, Lent!

So, Lent started yesterday. I totally appreciate traditions of all forms and I love that people honor them in these reckless times. But remember how participating in Lent used to be "trendy?" And popular sorority girls would give up things like "sugar" when you knew they just wanted to diet, and guys would give up things like "cussing" because that would be the ultimate sacrifice for them. Except, then if they accidentally said a bad word, it would be like, woops! Oh well. And God never punished them or anything. I've also heard people say they were giving up things like "exercise," which I also don't think is in the spirit of the holiday.

Is Lent actually considered a holiday, though? I don't even know. Aren't you supposed to do things you normally wouldn't do on holidays? Not not do things you do normally do. Either way, Happy Lent! Or, Productive Lent, or whatever it is you say about Lent.


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