Wednesday, August 1, 2007

You Probably Get This All the Time, but I Really Like Your Friend

People probably ask you this all the time, but what’s the story with your friend? Is he single? It must get annoying having everyone ask you about him all the time. Or maybe it’s cool because then cute girls have a reason to talk to you. Kidding! How mean would that be if I actually said that. But I’m sure you’ve just gotten used to it by now, the constant liking of your friend by girls.

Are people always making friends with you just to get closer to him? I bet that happens all the time with you and girls and you think they like you, but they actually like your friend. Not me though - I think you’re really nice and fun, I love your personality. Does your friend have a similar personality to you, plus good looks?

Do you think maybe he’d want to come to the concert with us on Friday? I know you got us tickets but I was thinking we could make it a group thing and then you could ask him to come. Do you mind driving so he and I can both drink? I think I’ll have a better chance with him if we get drunk - I mean, you’ve seen me when I’m drunk. Remember that one time I almost made out with you?! But in real life I like your friend. I’m sure you’re totally used to hearing that by now.

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