Monday, August 6, 2007

Happy V-M Day!

Today is V-M Day: Victory over...Mystery! The sailor from the famous "V-J Kiss" photograph, taken in Times Square in 1945, iconic decorator of college dorms, has been confirmed as Glenn McDuffie of Houston, TX. McDuffie, who just turned 80, has been claiming his identity as the Kisser since 1980 when Life Magazine asked the couple from the portrait to come forward. 11 men and one woman submitted themselves for consideration and now, in 2007, the sailor's identity has been confirmed by forensic scientists!

I know what you're thinking - why not just ask the nurse, she should know, she kissed him! Well, McDuffie, who was a teen when he returned home from WWII, just jumped off the subway and grabbed a pretty nurse who was smiling at him. They never even spoke! So she might not remember.

I know what you're thinking now - how did Glenn McDuffie, the best and most famous kisser in the world, thrice divorced, celebrate his 80th birthday? His daughter drove up to Houston to take him out to dinner. "She told me I could go anywhere I wanted," McDuffie told the press. "So, we're going to Red Lobster, and I'm going to have lobster and shrimp." A fine meal for a hero of love and war.

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