Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Two Things to Be Jazzed About (earnest posting)

Okay, folks... no punchlines, nothing clever here... I'm just really feeling seriously jazzed about two things right now:

1. The View
Love it! How excited must Barbara Walters be that her show has returned to its intended roots of being a really sassy show where women dish it out?! Rosie, how fun are you?! How bad is this picture of you though?! I mean, seriously! Elizabeth, I love how uptight and conservative you are! Joy, I love how threatened you must feel by having a famous comedian take over your "comedian" place in the original cast. Barbara, I'm so glad you're spending more time on the show! Watch it, you guys! I'm not being sarcastic. It's a really fun show to watch.

2. John Irving
This guy just impresses me. It's such a joy to read his books. Every time I read a chapter, I'm re-fired up about reading and literature and fiction and all that stuff. He crafts a story beautifully. I'm not one to like long books (yes, I said it...), but I love reading multi-hundred page Irving books because I get completely immersed in his worlds. Read him... I'm serious(ly jazzed)!

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