Wednesday, March 7, 2007

First Ladies: They're Just Like Us!

Uh oh. Imagine every woman's worst nightmare. You show up at the Kennedy Center Honors, ready for a night of upscale entertainment such as the stylings of Jessica Simpson. You're wearing your favorite $8500 Oscar de la Renta dress. And not one, not two, but THREE other women are wearing the exact same dress!
The real question is, as CBS news adeptly phrased it: "How could this have happened????" All this supposed Homeland Security and the first lady can't even be assured that there aren't going to be 3 other society ladies wearing her dress?
Well, it happened. So how did Laura react? She went upstairs and changed into a different dress. Problem solved. We're lucky someone in the family has that kind of executive prowess!
See the CBS video of the 3 "other" women. And if you think the crisis was averted that night, think again! Read the journalist's closing remarks:
"This is an incident the White House isn't likely to forget anytime soon!"

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