Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Years' Jazzolutions: Grad School?

Hey Peeps--
So, we've been gone for a little while...shepherding lost children and fighting the fight for justice all over the world. But don't even think we didn't get jazzed about stuff along the way! In fact, I thought about you a lot, especially on New Years' Eve when I made lots of Jazzolutions for 2007. I also thought very seriously about the possibility of Grad School. All the thinking about Grad School started stressing me out. Stressed, I wished there was some way I could relieve this stress through addiction.

A lot of people make the resolution to stop smoking. I have resolved to start. In college I always wished I smoked, especially during Finals Week, when I would see those cool grad students standing outside chain smoking, stressed (so stressed!) about how to balance not being in office hours with finding something to be interested in. And since I have recently fallen enchanted under the spell of the idea of Grad School, because the idea of Grad School is almost more enchanting than the practice, I plan on adopting every element of the grad student lifestyle. As I see it the glamor of the lifestyle lies in an intersection of the following three foci:

1) Sleep more

2) Smoke more

3) Feel good about where I'm at

So after giving it a lot of thought over the holidays, I've decided that Grad School is not in my cards for 2007. But I think I can reap virtually the same benefits that Grad School offers by maintaining focus on the Jazzolutions above.

I feel a sense of purpose coming on already!


P.S.: Thanks to my friend Emily for making me a shirt similar to the one above, which, incidentally I wore to perform standup at the Comedy Store this weekend. And I felt good about where I was at!

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