Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The French Presidency is a Sweet Gig!

From The Telegraph:

After a brief private meeting between the once bitter party rivals - in which the new president received the nuclear codes that permit him to launch a strike within one minute - they shook hands warmly.

President-elect Nicolas Sarcozy
Itinerary for Wednesday:

8:00 am - Disembark Maltese yacht
8:30 am - Croissant
9:00 am - Swearing-in ceremony in front of family and close dignitaries
10:30 am - Move stuff into 365-room palace (1 room for each day of the year)
11:00 am - Choose new upholstery scheme - "Versailles"
11:15 am - Personalize china patterns
11:30 am - Brief meeting with predecessor
11:35 am - Cheese snack
11:45 am - Receive nuclear launch codes
12:00 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm - ??? Recess for Cannes festival. Fun in the Sun!

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Kim said...

Je t'aime le Francais, et Je t'aime Jessie.