Thursday, May 10, 2007

Area Woman Unimpressed by The Onion's Efforts at Reaching Broader Female Demographic

Area blogger and woman Jessie Gaskell noted Thursday that although she first found the idea of The Onion's "Special Women's Issue" intriguing, ultimately it was concluded to be a "thinly veiled attempt to woo advertising dollars." Gaskell first became wary about efforts to reach her demographic, Women 18-34 (according to Gaskell, the most financially lucrative demographic because of their reckless consumerism), when she began working in television. "Networks often manipulate their content to appeal to the cash cow that is young female consumers, why would 'The Onion' be any different? Considering how much online shopping women do, especially at work."

Gaskell also expressed disappointment at the fact that the Special Women's Issue included mostly recycled articles from past issues, some dating all the way back to 2000. "Their assuredly male staff couldn't even write enough articles that would appeal to women, they had to use pieces from 7 years ago?" Her resentment may have also been fueled partly by the fact that she claims to have had the idea to publish an all-female satirical web magazine, "like, over a week ago."

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Kim said...

I concur, and would like to add that while a pre-Mother's Day addition is a lovely thought, not all women like lipstick, spikey black heels, and pink swirley (was that a butterfly!?) designs. Thank you, 'The Onion," for reinforcing gender stereotypes.