Thursday, May 17, 2007

Area Woman Posts Ironic Blog Entry Parodying Satire Mag "The Onion"

Self-proclaimed area "blog celebrity" Jessie Gaskell was "disproportionately pleased with herself" after posting an Onion parody on her blog, sources said Wednesday. "Last night over drinks she wouldn't stop talking about how she did a parody of a satire, ironically - or something like that," related friend Nathan Blum. "I don't really get the difference between 'satire' and 'parody.' She claims to have used both but I'm not entirely sure that's possible."

Despite multiple attempts to publicize the piece, Gaskell's enthusiasm for her own alleged comedy was not shared by friends and coworkers. "I keep getting Myspace bulletins inviting me to check out her latest blog entry," complained a cube mate, who insisted he remain anonymous. "Like...we get it. She posted ironically about The Onion, in the style of The Onion. It's clever, and Jessie's cool, but I doubt that's the first time anyone's done something like that."

Others were troubled by the detour from Gaskell's typically sincere blog posts. "I didn't know she was being ironic at first - I thought she might actually be mad at The Onion. She's usually serious about being jazzed about things, but now I feel like I won't be able to tell if she's being serious or not. Maybe she was actually mad at The Onion." Only Gaskell's mother maintained that she had enjoyed the post, insisting, "I like everything Jessie writes."


Kim said...

just so you know, I am linking this post to my blog. which will be full of links, and not a ton of content, this week. day. whatever. I like you.

Nathan said...

I swear that I asked to anonymous, too!

Judy said...

I really liked that other post, but this one's even better!

Jessie said...

Thanks Mom.