Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TrendMaster: "Rollricking"


This is a new segment where I make and institute awesome new social trends. I am a person of great stature and influence in the trend community so I anticipate there will be much fanfare.

"Rollricking" -

Based on the now-defunct digital trend of "Rickrolling,"
whereby a blogger would misdirect readers via hyperlink
to an old music video of pop artist Rick Astley.

Get it? Rollricking!

Rollricking is very useful, as the name and artistic portfolio of Rick Astley come up often in conversation. Rick Astley.

1 comment:

Colt Coeur said...

dear Jessie, or should I say, Ms. Grundle?...

OMG OMG LOL xox your blog and your videos.
very fucking funny.
big ups