Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What a cliche I've become.

I have been going to the pet store in the Beverly Center mall almost compulsively over the last few weeks. It's a terrible pet store because the puppies are all behind glass in tiny enclosed spaces and they climb all over each other and stare longingly at you. But I keep going because the puppies climb all over each other and stare longingly at you.

Today I did some searches, just to see how much this one particular breed of puppy - the Shiba Inu - cost when purchased from a breeder. These dogs are amazing; they look like little foxes as puppies and then they grow up to be miniature Huskies. Some of the baby puppies look like furry bears, they are too cute to be real. I honestly almost started crying just looking at pictures of cute puppies. Then I made a hasty decision to rename this blog "Puppies," and henceforth I will only post pictures of cute puppies. And it will make me a million dollars.

This one is from a website called "". Ridic.


Lisa said...

i want a puppy! a cute little puppy!

Kim said...


(that was a lame comment. sorry.)