Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not all dorks created equal

Turns out, fantasy dorks and theatre dorks are not the same kind of dork. The stage adaptation of Lord of the Rings (part musical, part play, all extravaganza) opened last week in London to mixed reviews. It had great potential, considering it is the most expensive stage production on record at $25 million - and we all know budget correlates directly with quality.

But apparently hardcore LOTR fans weren't feeling remiss in the absence of a Rodgers and Hammerstein Tolkien interpretation. One reviewer said his 14-year-old son left the show "tittering at the ponderous inanities of the script and the triteness of the lyrics." I then tittered imagining a 14-year-old boy tittering. Other people liked the show, though - including reviewers in the London Times and the Guardian.

I probably won't make it to London to see the LOTR stage spectacle. But I'm definitely going to miss out on ballads like "Hobbit-sized dreams" and company numbers like "Mordor ain't no place for dancin'!"*

*Not real titles from LOTR The Musical

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Kim said...

I wish those WERE the actual titles. Also, those hobbits don't look all that much shorter than the other people/creatures/whatevers.