Monday, June 4, 2007

Chicks Obama Sex Gay Election

Prominent intrepid woman political commentator deems prominent intrepid woman politician the winner of last night's Democratic debate in New Hampshire.

As a prominent intrepid woman political commentator blog linker, I agree.

Whatever. I like her. I've liked her since I saw her speak in D.C. and she used logic to form arguments that investing in education and healthcare will make our country stronger and richer and safer. I liked that she was articulate and steadfast and a good communicator.

I also like that one of the questions in the debate last night was how the candidates would "use" former president Bill Clinton in their presidencies. Barack Obama had my favorite response:

Obama: … And I think that President Clinton’s vision of our interdependence globally is something — Now, obviously Senator Clinton may have something to say about how I use Bill Clinton. (Laughter.) So in fairness, she should be able to respond.

I don't know what this means. I think maybe it means sex. I'm not sure. It's funny.

I kind of love these candidates and they make me excited to participate in the democratic process.

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