Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Subconscious Profundity

I came home last night and found this post-it note - my roommate's To-Do List for the day.  I pointed out to her that everything on the list was crossed off except the first, most pressing priority: "Apply 4 Job."  I found this very very funny.  Who hasn't been there?  We're always at our most productive when we have a big elephant waiting to be hauled out of the room.  It's why I clean the kitchen and rearrange furniture when I have lots of writing to do.

I love little things like this that inadvertently illuminate life's quirks.

P.S. As of this writing, said job has still not been "applied 4."

1 comment:

Kim said...

I love that you clean the kitchen and rearrange furniture. I once reorganized my tupperware cabinet. Yes, I have a tupperware cabinet. Well, had. In this apt, it's just a shelf in a cabinet.