Monday, July 7, 2008

Modern Art for the Modern Office

"Rubber Spaghetti"
Materials: plastic, found objects. Price: $50,000.00

This is a modern art piece(s) my coworker Dan created. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but I think the commentary they make is staggering and wholly terrifying. If you are what you eat, what happens when you consume rubber band spaghetti? Is this what industrialization and rampant consumerism have wrought? A life relegated to work, spending lunch breaks at desks eating rubber off of plastic utensils? What sorry calamity is the American diet, and is this the legacy we want to leave for our children? And - wait for it - if everything man eats is man-made, is he, in fact, eating himself?

Art is life is art. C'est l'arte. C'est la vie.*

*(Took a guess on how to say/spell that)

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Kim said...

The perfect gift for someone you know who is about to graduate college and get a Real Job: nicely framed photo of the art, with your blog post captioned next to or underneath it.

I kind of want to make it.