Thursday, March 13, 2008

Postmodernism and G-Chat

I'm not usually the kind of gal to post chat conversations, but I have to share this one I just had with my friend and cohort Julie. We were trying to decide on a name for our "sketch comedy troupe" (in quotes) and then both started laughing uncontrollably in our respective work cubicles. The laughter escalated both because of the awkwardness of laughing at work and because of the irony of reading someone else's insane laughter typewritten in a chat window. I almost couldn't type responses because I was laughing so hard and I think that becomes evident as the conversation wears on. It's like a written embodiment of the act of laughter.

Julie: multi-tasking
we maybe need a name for us
feeling crazy!

me: are those suggestions?
Julie: can't wait for fri!
me: because i like "feeling crazy"
Julie: no, i mean, i literally am feeling crazy
but now that you mention it, it's kind of an interesting name

me: no, i mean, i actually like it for a name
Julie: hahahaha
i am laughing
Julie: hahahaha
i can'
t stop
Julie: hahahahhahahaha
me: andrew is looking at me
i feel crazy too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Julie: hahahahahhahaha
stop it
Julie: i can't!!!!!
i'm crying laughing
Julie: now, i'm laughing like crazg
ahhh, that was nice

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Kim said...

I love you because I have had that conversation. Only, it's all engineers who sit around me, so when I have hiLARious IM conversations at work, they think I'm a total nutjob, sitting in my cube laughing like a hyena all alone.