Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dorm Life - Episodes 4 and 5

These are two of my very favorite episodes. (But you say that about all your children!) No, but seriously - these are great. You should watch them. And then you should go back and watch episodes 1-3 on, or on VEOH (Our site has been doing very well, by the way! I can't tell you how well, because it might be an issue of national security. But let's just say the Ruskys are itching to get their hands on it for its uranium enrichment capabilities).

Episode 104 - floor government election. This is a big episode for a certain gregarious anachronistic social planner who covets the Presidential nomination (a character played by someone very close to me - can you guess who it is?!) This episode also contains the most historical references in the series. Dorks!!

Dorm Life Episode 104: Campaign - Watch a funny movie here

Episode 105 is the Pranks episode. Who didn't pull elaborate, costly pranks on their dorm floormates? Even the most skeptical of you out there are going to see one particular special effect and think, "Awesome."

Dorm Life Episode 105: Pranks - For more funny videos, click here

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Kim said...

I LOVE Dorm Life. Not that it's too surprising, seeing how I'm such a fan of the people working on it.

Seriously. So great.