Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Heart Huckabee Girl

My latest video project "Huckabee Girl" is finally online, exclusively on SuperDeluxe - although it is already starting to get attention some other places!

You've seen Obama girl, but we found a girl who's hot for the man of the cloth. She's got a special interest in his policy package, if you know what we're saying. Mike Huckabee had a big upset in the Iowa caucus and now he's rumored to be on McCain's VP shortlist. So if you don't think there's enough crazy out there to get him elected to office, let Huckabee girl tell you why you should be crazy about him too. This is an original slow jam!

Many thanks to all the people who helped make this video possible - I'll post credits here since they're hard to find on the video site!

Executive Producers: Tyler Malin and Eric Szmanda
Lyrics by: Josh Covitt & Jessie Gaskell
Directed by: Josh Covitt
Edited by: Josh Covitt, Jessie Gaskell, Oren Brimer
Music by: Greg Blum
Vocals: Rachel Avery
Starring: Vai Au-Harehoe as Huckabee Girl
Chad Brisky as Dino
Josh Covitt as Raptastic Rapper
Editing and Effects: Studio 8 and Oren Brimer
Logos & Graphics: Chad Brisky


Kim said...

Jessie (and Josh) (and everyone else):

I loved this. It has been my away message at work all day, and I have forwarded it on to my coworkers. And you better believe I will be blogging about it.


BenJo said...

Hey! If you really want to get the word out, have all your friends Digg it:

A few dozen Diggs will equal crazy traffic!

Jessie said...

Thanks so much for the tip! Internet viralcy is a true art form!

Amanda said...

I absolutely love this! It completely cracks me up and it's so freaking catchy!! I'd like to send it to my mom but she is 75% def and cannot understand lyrics in music. Can you send me the lyrics by chance?